Maintenance software

Our expertise

CMMS or EAM maintenance management systems are essential tools for managing maintenance activity.

Existing users or organizations planning to purchase such kind of software can have various issues such :

– Difficulty in identifying the appropriate software for their needs

– Difficulty in foreseeing the impact of poor implementation

– Difficulties to use existing system with bad decisions during the initial implementation

– Difficulties related to maintain data integrity over time

Based on our experience with many customers and CMMS, we can assist you in whole or in part for the following mandates :

Software Selection



Software selection

Choosing maintenance software is often difficult, complex and subjective due to the multiplicity of products available and the numerous functionalities offered.

Our vast knowledge of the software market, our maintenance expertise and the use of a rigorous and proven methodology allow for a quick and efficient selection process. Our services allow you to choose the right software according to your needs for a quick return on investment and a subsequent implementation without surprises.

We are voluntarily and resolutely independent of vendors to guarantee a choice in the best interests and concerns of our customers.

Exhaustive needs analysis

Analysis of current and planned processes

Writing of technical specifications

Assistance during the bidding process

Practical knowledge of many software programs

Consideration of implementation issues

Proven methodology and analysis tools

Software Implementation

With many successful CMMS implementations, we well understand the challenges involved in this type of operation and we can assist you to carry it out successfully.

The mobilization of our staff is variable according to the level of expertise and assistance required. 

We have implementation experience with major CMMS like Maximo, SAP PM, Infor EAM and CMMS used locally such Interal, Guide TI, Carl source, Octopus, Maint, Plannexpert, Famis,…


User-oriented implementation

Process definition

Practical experience with many software programs

Collaborative work with software vendors

Data import preparation

Assistance in the start-up phase

Assistance during the operation phase

Software Optimization

Many CMMS software programs are under-used or do not perform adequately due to bad implementation, organisational changes, or due to a lack of software knowledge to update and clean data.

For all these reasons, we are regularly mandated to review actual use of CMMS, relevance of data, data integrity and structure.

Our user- and results-oriented approach allows us to successfully give a second life to existing systems by reviewing and adapting business processes and by restructuring data to better support operations.

Revision and update of data

Revision of maintenance programs

Creation of user manuals and procedures

Process revision

Creation of reports and dashboards (KPI's)

User-oriented training

Extension of use - Implementation of new modules

The Main Steps

Establish a technical and functional inventory of your needs

Selection of the software that meets your needs

Implementation and data integration of the tool

Training and coaching in the use and management of change

Establish a technical and functional inventory of your needs

Selection of the software that meets your needs

Implementation and data integration of the tool

Training and coaching in the use and management of change

Our services are adaptable to all types of activities and equipment. Would you like to discuss your field of activity with us?

Let’s talk together and discuss your challenges, we will build the best action plan accordingly.

Our Additional Offers

Maintenance audit

L’audit dresse un état des lieux  de vos équipements et de votre organisation technique. Il est comparé aux meilleures  pratiques afin d’identifier rapidement les points fort et faibles de votre gestion de la maintenance.

Lean Maintenance: continuous improvement

Nos experts Lean vous propose un accompagnement vers les meilleures pratique du Lean Maintenance. Mise en place d’atelier avec une implication des équipes pour une gestion du changement accepté par tous.

Maintenance program

Le programme de maintenance vous permet de formaliser les actions préventives ou prédictive à réaliser sur les équipements d’un parc machine. Une meilleure gestion de votre maintenance vous apportera rapidement une plus grande fiabilité de vos équipement résultant par une plus grande rentabilité.