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Maintenance audit

The audit takes stock of your equipment and technical organization. It is compared with best practices to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your maintenance management and put in place a coherent action plan.


Maintenance program

The maintenance program enables you to formalize the preventive or predictive actions to be carried out on the assets in your fleet. Improved maintenance management will rapidly bring you greater equipment reliability, leading to exemplary service levels and greater profitability.


Lean Maintenance: continuous improvement

Our Lean experts offer you support in implementing Lean Maintenance best practices, including the setting up of workshops with the involvement of your teams to ensure that change management is accepted by all.


Maintenance software

With a neutral view of solution providers, you’ll get help in choosing your maintenance software based on your real needs.



We can guide you towards best practices: maturity analysis, transitioning your organization to 4.0, maintenance management basics, regulations, predictive maintenance, etc. See the full list of our training courses, or ask us for a customized course.


Lockout program and procedures

In order to carry out the maintenance of your assets in complete safety, our consultants support you in setting up or updating your program or your lockout procedures. All in strict compliance with the standards in force (CSA Z460).


Technical inventory and asset identification

Accurate, structured data collection on your assets using proprietary tools developed by our experts. Keeping your inventories up to date for efficient asset tracking and a good knowledge of your fleet. Complete identification solutions, tailored to your needs and applications.


Plant overview manual

A tool for centralizing useful building information. The plant overview manual helps to keep your building running smoothly and to streamline your operations.


Virtual tour

A virtual tour of your buildings, accessible at any time. A wide range of uses, such as creating floor plans, integrating your assets, supporting training and improving space management.

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