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To help you build a real estate strategy for your assets, we carry out the technical audit and functional analysis of your establishments.
These tools can be presented to your governance (board of directors, guardianship, elected officials) and will serve as a solid basis to build your multi-year investment plans.

Our expertise as well as our solutions are adapted to your sector and will guarantee an optimal state of operation of your buildings. Through our audit mandates, we will work with you to develop your future maintenance plan.


Improve the quality of use of your buildings


Manage your budget in an optimal way


Define a management and investment strategy


Prevent risks and ensure safety


Guarantee an optimal operating condition


Optimize maintenance

Our expertise adapted to your business


Maintenance audit

The audit takes stock of your equipment and technical organization. It is benchmarked against best practice to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your maintenance management and put in place a coherent action plan.


Maintenance program

The maintenance program enables you to formalize the preventive or predictive actions to be carried out on the assets in your fleet. Better maintenance management will quickly bring you greater equipment reliability, leading to exemplary service levels and greater profitability.


Maintenance software

With a neutral view of solution providers, you’ll get help in choosing your maintenance software based on your real needs.

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